Relates to the collection of user data by the street view cars

Google raided by Korean police in wi-fi data collection probe

Korean police have raided the offices of Google’s Korean operation in Seoul as part of an investigation into breaches of local privacy laws.

The move comes after other countries similarly launched investigations into the Internet giant after it admitted that it had collected geo-located Wi-Fi details from the company’s fleet of camera equipped cars used to build the street view image database in Google Maps.

Google has previously said that the information collected was collected "accidentally" and some countries such as the UK have announced that the data was of not enough concern to warrant opening a formal investigation. 

The data is thought to contain a geo-located database of Wi-Fi SSDs or the names of wireless access points discovered by the cars as they drove around the streets in many countries worldwide. 

According to a Bloomberg report, Google said in an email: "We will cooperate with the investigation and answer any questions they have." Google has since removed the equipment from the company’s fleet of street view cars and resumed street view mapping operations in several countries.

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