Involves restrictive practices for mobile software development

EU ‘joins FTC investigation into Apple’

The EU is teaming up with US-based regulator the FTC to look into Apple’s mobile software development policies, the New York Post reports.

The Post cites an unnamed source which claimed that the EU would join an existing FTC anti-competition probe into Apple’s decision to ban the use of third party development tools to produce software for the company’s mobile devices. 

The Post said that the investigation could last another four months. The EU has been particularly militant in pursuing interoperability of technology and has the power to impose massive fines and force technology companies to alter business practices and reveal details of proprietary APIs needed for developers to build compatible tools. Microsoft and Intel have previous fallen foul of EU anti-competition regulators with expensive consequences.

Apple continues to claim that policies such as banning third party development tools and banning of Adobe Flash are all aimed at increasing the quality of the applications available on its devices.

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