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Web page aims to discourages users from moving to Apple

Microsoft launches PC vs Mac site

Microsoft has launched a new page on the Windows 7 website which tell users what they "need to know" about the strengths of Windows-powered PCs.

"PCs are designed for work and play, with features you need to get things done on the job or at school and have fun at home or on the go. From easily sharing Microsoft Office documents to watching HDTV and Blu-ray movies, PCs help you do it all," says the new page on the Windows 7 site. 

The site is further split into different sections including having fun, simplicity, working hard, sharing, compatibility and choice. The page also features a twitter feed of public mentions of Windows 7 under a "What the buzz is about" heading. 

In entertainment Microsoft sells up the strengths of the PC platform as a gaming system and sells up Windows 7’s media functionality, saying: "You can’t get a Mac that ships with a Blu-ray player, TV tuner, Memory Stick reader, or built-in 3G wireless. You can with PCs running Windows 7."

Microsoft also makes an argument in the simplicity section that "Macs can take time to learn" before suggesting: "While some may say Macs are easy, the reality is that they can come with a learning curve. PCs running Windows 7 look and work more like the computers you’re familiar with, so you can get up and running quickly."

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