Firm says performance-based selling is still important

Intel will continue spec arms race

Chip giant Intel will continue to keep performance as a lynchpin of its hardware designs and marketing, despite rival AMD shifting production towards a homogenous model and moving away from specification-based marketing.

Talking to PCR, Intel’s UK and Ireland channel manager Christine Harrison said that although the vendor was aware of the possibilities offered by parallel and homogenous processing, customer demand was still leaning towards the performance of individual components.

“I think collectively as a group of vendors not just Intel and AMD, the whole infrastructure in general the aim is to make accounts profitable by driving technology,” Harrison said. “For us, performance is still very important because we have so many customers who demand that increased level.”

Harrison was also quick to point out that Intel is in a position where it is able to meet the demand of a range of consumers, from entry level to high-end.

“I don’t think we can walk away from the performance arena. That wouldn’t be a decision we’d make. Having the ability to offer extremely high-performance for enthusiasts or business, and still having the ability to offer Atom-based netbooks to education, for example, puts us in a good position to offer the whole stack,” she commented.

Although Intel does not produce discrete graphic processors, Harrison hinted that the firm could work with homogenous processing if necessary. “Our focus is always going to be on performance as we’re always going to have accounts and businesses that demand the
fastest and most efficient desktop or notebook. And whether or not that comes on the CPU or GPU will vary depending on the business model,” she said.

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