Plays 1080p content on the television

Western Digital launches WD Elements Play media player appliance

Storage specialist Western Digital has launched the WD Elements Play which can play video files directly to a television.

The WD Play is available in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB versions and is equipped with a USB port to get data on and off the copious internal hard drive. The device can then play music and video files on the hard drive directly to a television via the HDMI, component or composite video outputs.

A remote control is also provided and there’s an optical digital output to connect with an existing television. The WD Elements Play can also view material directly off a camera connected to the device via USB. Video codecs supported include H264 and the popular MKV video container format. 

The WD Elements Play is capable of displaying full 1080p high definition output and there’s NTSC and PAL versions available. The partner links don’t show up retailers in Europe at present but in the US Amazon is currently selling the 1TB version for $78.58, 1.5TB version for $94.99 and the 2TB version for $138.99.

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