CTO tweets own-brand tablet images

Best Buy to enter tablet market

Robert Stephens, chief technology officer of US electronic retail giant Best Buy, tweeted images of a Rocketfish-branded tablet.

While no technical details are yet available and the device itself was said to be an unworking prototype, Rocketfish is an exclusive brand to the Best Buy chain and as such the images are being seen as a clear intent to rebrand a tablet device. 

Stephens had previously tweeted that the company was working on a tablet that would feature a forward facing camera and run the Android 2.2 "Froyo" operating system. On Friday Stephens tweeted a comment back to another user asking about Android, saying "the question is: Is 2.2 ready for the tablet interface?".

ARM-powered tablet hardware is readily available commodity from Asian manufacturers but the operating system has been seen as stumbling block to retail products. 

Another US retailer, Kmart, had briefly sold a cheap $150 Augen Android-powered tablet with a resistive touch screen. It later emerged that since Augen was not part of the Open Handset Alliance, they had no right to install Google applications and the Android marketplace. 

The Chinese manufacturer claimed the software had been "unintentionally" distributed.

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