Wireless sensor and hardware cradle plus software application

LiveRider iPhone/iPod-powered wireless cycling computer

Potato Technologies has launched what it says is the first Wireless Cycling Computer and mounting system for iPhone and iPod touch.

The LiveRider uses an a permanently-sealed sensor unit mounted on the bicycle frame near the rear wheel, connected via a 2.4Ghz wireless system to a receiving unit attached to the iPhone or iPod. The receiver and iPhone/iPod are held in an aerodynamic shock-absorbing handlebar mounted cradle which can be quickly removed along with the receiver dongle.

LiveRider measures both bike speed and pedal cadence via an free application available on the App store which provides the user a hi-res color touch screen interface, GPS features providing location and tracking, and accelerometer features to record inclination. LiveRider includes a file system to save the detailed data from each ride which can be reviewed graphically or exported via email and imported into any spreadsheet, document, or database.

LiveRider hardware costs $99.99 and the company is taking orders directly via the web site. More information is here.

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