Palm-acquired OS to appear in smartphones and tablets too

HP says WebOS will power many products including printers

Speaking at the Techonomy conference, HP chief technology officer Shane Robison said that WebOS would power a range of HP products. 

Having acquired struggling smartphone manufacturer Palm for $1.2b in April this year, HP has said little of what plans it has for the well-regarded compact operating system WebOS it now owns. According to a CNET report of comments made at the Techonomy conference, Robison confirmed that WebOS was destined for smartphones, slate and netbook computers. 

However Robison also indicated that the company wasn’t looking to kill off Windows-powered products. HP is the market leader in notebook computers with around 20 per cent market share. "We’re not trying to wreck the market we’ve already got, it’s a good one," said Robison.

While that’s not perhaps surprising, Robin also pointed out that since most of the company’s range of printers would be web connected and capable of printing without a host computer, WebOS will be used to provide a consistent interface. 

The sheer scale of HP’s IT and consumer electronics business looks set to give WebOS the boost it failed to achieve by being limited to smartphones under Palm’s ownership.

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