Acer spied selling the D255 at a Taiwan computer show

Acer debuts dual-boot Windows XP/Android netbook

Acer has launched a dual-boot netbook capable of running both Windows XP and the Android operating system.

The D255 netbook has reportedly gone on sale at a computer show in Taiwan called the Taipei Computer Applications Show. Based on the Intel Atom 450 CPU with 1GB of RAM and a 160GB HD, the netbook had been sold at a show price of around $300 but this is expected to be around $375 on general sale.

What’s interesting about the 10.1-inch netbook is that it has the capability of booting into Windows XP or the Android operating system. Android has generally been limited to ARM CPUs but Intel had earlier announced that it was porting Android to x86, suggesting that the Acer product is the first Android-powered x86 device.

The idea of a dual-boot netbook is an interesting concept, paving the way to ultra-fast boot up times with an easy-to-use interface while on the move yet still retaining the ability to boot a full Windows operating system to run Windows software when required.

Various manufacturers have previously experimented with Linux-powered boot loaders to run simple tasks such as playing a CD or DVD with near instant boot time. An x86 version of Android would offer similar advantages but push functionality much further out toward Internet applications such as email and web browsing. 

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