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Don't open PDFs on your Apple device, users are advised

iPad and iPhone are open to cyber attacks, German officials warn

Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone have critical, unpatched security vulnerabilities, the German government has warned.

The Federal Office of Information Security has advised users of the devices to only visit trustworthy websites and not to open PDFs, The Guardian reports.

The security hole affects Safari, and the way PDFs are opened in certain versions of Apple’s iOS software.

"This allows potential attackers access to the complete system, including administrator rights," the statement read. "It has to be expected that hackers will soon use the weak spots for attacks."

It reportedly affects iPhones operating iOS versions 3.1.2-4.0.1, iPads using iOS 3.2-3.2.1 and the iPod Touch using iOS 3.1.2-4.0, though German officials say older versions of the operating system could be affected.

Apple is said to be investigating reported vulnerabilities affecting its portable devices.

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