New brands positioned as alternative to "major name brands"

Dixons kicks off ‘own brand’ push for PC World and Currys

The Dixons Group is introducing four ‘own brand’ labels at Currys and PC World.

The company said the brands would span basic utility products through to high-end technology for the home and that products in the range would be arriving in stores from August, however at least some of the brands have existed for some time already such as Currys Esentials and PC World Essentials.

DSGi said that ‘Currys Essentials’ is a brand created to offer "straightforward, no-nonsense, functional products at an unbeatable price." The company cited a wide variety of product genres and target consumer from "an office worker in need of a kettle" to "home buyers looking to equip their first kitchen."

‘PC World Essentials’ will be take aim at IT specific product categories which the company describes as "computing related products and accessories including cables and printing inks, USB sticks, mice and netbooks."

At least some duplication between brands seems likely since Currys Essentials and PC World Essentials have appeared for items such as printer consumables.

The ‘Logik’ brand will offer small screen televisions, DVDs, kettles, toasters and headphones in a range which DSGi said "has been designed to be used everyday with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency." 

‘Sandstrom’ will cover much the same kinds of products such as blenders, kettles, toasters, microwaves and dishwashers as well as TVs, but the company said this range is "inspired by Scandinavian design and living and includes a wide range of products designed to combine aesthetics with performance."

DSGi emphasises value in both the descriptions of the Logik and Sandstrom ranges compared to "major name brands" and "higher-end consumer technology brands" respectively, pointing to a lower end focus for Logik and a top-shelf status for the Sandsrom range. 

Another of the brands, ‘Goji’, DSGi describes as "a design-led brand offering a range of smart and fashionable bags and storage for electronics on the move." The product category will cover cases and wearable accessories such as computer bags, iPod cases and headphones. 

DSGi also drew attention to the existing Advent PC brand, announcing that it it would launch a range of personalised laptop covers. In a move which the company describes as "an industry first", customers will be ale to apply user supplied custom pictures to laptop covers.

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