Security firm wrestles control from Eastern European cyber criminals

100,000 UK computer system botnet uncovered

Security solution provider Trusteer has uncovered a large botnet used to conduct financial fraud in the UK.

The botnet appears to be controlling more than 100,000 infected computers, 98 per cent of which are UK Internet users Trusteer said in a report. The botnet was based on the popular malware Zeus version 2 and was being used to conduct financial fraud in the UK under control of cyber criminals in Eastern Europe. 

Trusteer said the criminals had been "harvesting all manner of potentially lucrative and revenue-producing credentials – including online account IDs plus login information to banks, credit and debit card numbers, account types plus balances, bank statements, browser cookies, client side certificates, login information for email accounts and social networks and even FTP passwords."

Trusteer gained control of the botnet after accessing the "drop servers" with which the the network of compromised systems communicate to receive instructions and to collect lucrative private information. 

The company said that it was sharing the information with UK law enforcement agencies.

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