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USB CineVibe has "Japan protein" cushions

Asus launches ‘rumble feedback’ gaming headset

Asus has launched the CineVibe "gaming vibration" headset offering a folding design and driver-less USB connectivity.

The CineVibe gaming headset incorporates "rumble feedback vibrators" into the audio drivers wit the vibration correlating to the bass frequencies in the audio. There’s also a level setting on the in-line control box which also houses volume controls. Black and white versions are available. 

Asus tout the CineVibe at long gaming sessions and say they’re equipped with comfortable headband fashioned out of high density styrofoam. The Taiwan-based manufacturer also says that the headset cushions fashioned from "the most advanced Japan protein leather cushion" which is probably better than it sounds.

There’s also a noise cancelling microphone which, the company said, has "directness to empower you to be game commander". CineVibe is currently in the channel retailing for around £59.95, which is a small price to be game commander we think you’ll agree.

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