Microsoft's latest OS overtakes unpopular Vista but is still way off the top spot

Windows XP still bigger than Windows 7 and Vista combined

Windows 7 systems overtook Vista systems last month for the first time, a report by Netmarketshare has found.

The report showed that Windows 7 had attained 14.46 per cent of the operating system market in July, overtaking the previous Vista operating system at 14.34 per cent market share. 

However Windows XP continues to dominate overall with 61.87 per cent market share, more than double Windows 7 and Windows Vista combined despite Microsoft having withdrawn active support for the aging operating system. It’s thought that many of those still running XP will only upgrade when buying a new computer. 

Apple’s operating systems accounted for just over 5 per cent of the market share with Linux slightly less than 1 per cent as rivals continue to have difficulty making significant inroads into Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop operating system market.

Curiously Microsoft’s browser share had reversed previous trends and increased in market share for the last two months according to the company. Internet Explorer now accounts for 60.74 per cent of browsers in active use. The gains appear to have been at the expense of rivals Firefox and Google’s Chrome, down 0.9 and 0.08 per cent respectively. 

Over the year, however, Google’s Chrome has been the star perform in the new browser market share figures having grown up from around 5 per cent in January to the current share of over 7 per cent. 

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