Software tools boom as enterprise learns from the hard times

Post-recession business software market still strong

The business software market has seen strong growth over the last eighteen months, as companies look to retain the streamlined business model that saw them through the recession.

Despite the return to growth and better-than-expected GDP results, many businesses are looking to make wise investments in to their own infrastructure, especially since general sentiment indicates that we’re not free of the hard times yet.

“We’ve gone through a recession and if it hasn’t taught businesses to prepare for a rainy day, then the business doesn’t deserve to be there,” said SoThin’s MD James Dempsey.

“I liken it to the end of the Second World War. At the end of the war, gluttony didn’t take over because people still had that wartime attitude – they’d been through the hard times, they knew how to prepare and what to do. And what organisation doesn’t want to save money, save time and better use their resources?”

Follow this link to read the full article and a showcase of some of the business software products available on the market.

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