Support documents describe upcoming HTPC system

Dell Zino HD 410 details emerge

Documents describing yet to be launched Dell Zino HD 410 HTPC system have been found on Dell’s support web site. 

Dell had launched a system under the Zino HD brand previously but it had been criticised for lackluster specifications. The presumably mistakenly released support documents refer to the unit as the Dell Inspiron 410 but this was also the case with the original Zino HD, dubbed the Inspiron 400 in the support documents. 

The new model specifications are considerably boosted over the prior model, based on the AMD RS880M chipset also finding favour in Dell’s recently released M101Z ultra portable notebook. The documents actually name the product the Inspiron 410.

The Inspiron/Zino HD 410 is a compact system resembling a Mac Mini in terms of form factor. Assuming that the finish will be similar to the original Zino HD, the shiny black plastic and rounded corners resemble the original Xbox console, albeit much smaller. 

The specifications show that it’s capable of being fitted with an AMD Phenom II quad-core processor. The built-in Radeon HD 4250, built into the RS880M chipset are more than capable of playing full resolution HD. However an upgraded Radeon 5450 is cited as option which looks set to boost the system into game playing territory.

Integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi and the suitable AV options such as HDMI and optical S/PDIF for Dolby/DTS surround are described in the documents while Blu-ray drives are mentioned as an option. The front panel has USB ports, headphone socket, 4-in-1 memory card reader and an optional infrared receiver. 

Dell has yet to announce the product or pricing details.

Image credit: Dell, taken from Inspiron 410 setup guide.

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