Digital Choices spokesman cites "not inconsiderable costs"

Sky 3D TV for the ‘technology-obsessed’

Consumer advice site Digital Choices said that Sky’s 3D channel launch is "well placed" to capitalise on industry commitment to 3D. 

"Whilst 3D TV may seem the ultimate extravagance to the majority of viewers, we only need cast our minds back a couple of years to when we questioned the need for the added detail of HDTV – and the take up of that has been nothing short of phenomenal," said Michael Phillips, product director at

"Film studios, hardware manufacturers and broadcasters are now committing significant sums to bring a 3D viewing experience into our living rooms, so Sky’s launch is well-placed to capitalise on this," added Philips.

"The costs of getting ‘3D TV ready’ is not inconsiderable and the choice of content is currently pretty limited. To that end, we expect it to be a hit with the technology-obsessed and early adopters for some time before it really takes off and we see mainstream programmes broadcast in 3D."

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