HMV exclusive for guitar amp styled digital radio

Marshall Pure Evoke DAB launched

British DAB radio builder Pure has launched a new version of the Pure Evoke-1S in a Marshall guitar cabinet design.

The company had had previously produced another Marshall branded DAB radio but says the new model "kicks out an even more impressive noise from it’s 3-inch full range speaker, tuned base ports and active filters."

Right now the Pure Evoke-1S Marshall can only be pre-ordered from for £119.99 and will be on the shelf exclusively at HMV from early August but the company said it would then appear at independent retailers from September. 

Not just a DAB radio the unit will also act as an amplified speaker for other devices such as MP3 players. That makes it about the coolest looking external speaker we’ve seen. 

Pure has more details on the Pure Evoke-1S Marshall on this web page.

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