Hacker infected over 12 million computers worldwide

Mariposa botnet creator arrested

Slovenian police have arrested a 23 year old hacker thought to be the brains behind the Mariposa botnet.

According to the Huffington Post, the suspect known as ‘Iserdo’ was apprehended in Maribor in northern Slovenia, following a combined investigation by Slovenian police, the FBI and Spanish authorities.

He was detained for questioning and released after ensuring that he could neither access the internet or leave his home country.

The Mariposa botnet was said to have been the worlds largest, infecting hundreds of companies and at least 40 major banks, and was designed to steal credit card and online banking details.

“In the last two years, the software used to create the Mariposa botnet was sold to hundreds of other criminals, making it one of the most notorious in the world,” said FBI director Robert Mueller.

“These cyber intrusions, thefts, and frauds undermine the integrity of the Internet and the businesses that rely on it; they also threaten the privacy and pocketbooks of all who use the Internet.”

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