"Qi" logo set to appear on chargers

Wireless power standard finalised

The Wireless Power Consortium has finalised a low power specification for wireless power charging to be known as "Qi".

Specifications will be available immediately to consortium members and with a general interface definition provided to the general public on the 30th of August. The initial standard covers devices with requirements of up to 5 Watts of power, covering much the same area as that covered by current wired USB charging.

"Our customers will see the Qi logo and know: this product works with my other Qi products. That promise holds if the logo is used on properly tested products. No Qi logo on products that don’t work!", said the WPC in a blog post.

Manufacturers looking to use the Qi logo on charging units will need to enter into an arrangement to licence the logo and submit equipment for testing. With the testing beginning in August it’s possible that products might arrive before the end of the year.

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