Windows 7 based devices will be aimed at enterprise segment

HP slates coming this autumn

Hewlett Packard has confirmed that it is still going forward with its Windows 7 based tablet PCs, which are expected to make a debut in the enterprise market this autumn.

According to CNN Fortune, the vendor outlined its forward strategy at the recent Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, and indicated that it would be aiming the devices at the enterprise market segment.

“I think you’ll see us with a family of slate products, clearly a Microsoft product in the enterprise and a webOS product broadly-deployed,” said HP’s executive vice president of the personal systems group, Todd Bradley.

The move appears to exploit the growing interest in tablet PCs displayed by a number of businesses. A number of reports have suggested that the iPad might have been a candidate but its lack of USB ports, and the fact that documents can only be shared via iTunes have created barriers to its wholesale adoption.

Although the Windows 7 tablets are now confirmed, HP also hinted at a future generation of devices that will utilise a Palm-based operating system.

“I think it’s important to have control over the entire user experience and really deliver great consumer products. If you really want to deliver a great experience, in this case, the HP experience, you want your own OS,” said HP’s CEO Jon Rubenstein, before adding “and yes, there will be Flash.”

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