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Mouse superiority kills cross platform play

HP boss says PC gamers too good for Xbox

HP gaming boss Rahul Sood has claimed that early experiences of cross Xbox to PC gaming led to Microsoft cancelling the feature.

Former boss of boutique PC builder Voodoo PC, HP gaming division CTO Rahul Sood made the comments in a blog post which began by expressing disappointment with the Microsoft decision to shut down Age of Empires game developer Ensemble Studios.

Sood asserts that cross XBOX and PC multiplayer cross play was always part of the strategy for the Live service and that PC gaming would be in a stronger position if Microsoft hadn’t dropped the strategy. However Sood cites "reliable sources" that earlier experiences with the service found that mouse and keyboard equipped PC gamers meant that "the console players got destroyed every time."

"Perhaps we could have finally integrated the XBOX into the PC… Perhaps not, all of this is over now, there is no looking back," he said.

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