Technology criticism "nearly always nonsense" he says

Fry: history will vindicate social media

Stephen Fry has spoken out on the relevance of social media such as Twitter in an interview on Australian radio.

The celebrity London taxi cab-driving, writer, comic, film-maker and technology fan took issue with critics of his use of Twitter, saying that "it’s impossible to understand digital technology without a grasp of history."

Fry cited Winston Churchill as a figure that "gloried in the old-fashioned resonances of history" but that also "believed fully in radar and the modern technology."

Fry downplayed the significance of Twitter itself but said that it was an example of a larger trend akin to the 18th century development of hand printing presses as part of a movement to modern day media and journalism. He went on to predict that social media would also be vindicated as an important development.

"It’s always been the case that whatever young people are doing now and whatever is the fashion now, there will be crusty and unfortunately ignorant people who think that somehow it has less weight, less heft, less intellectual respectability, less connection with our cultural identity, less seriousness," Fry said.

"It’s nearly always nonsense," he concluded. ABC News has more.

Image credit: Stephen Fry blog

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