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Monthly magazine set for final issue in September

Game over for PC Zone

PC Zone, the UK’s original consumer PC gaming magazine, is to shut down, with its final issue scheduled for September.

According to the BBC, the magazines publisher Future chose to drop the title following a strategic review of its PC portfolio, and decided to focus on the market leader PC Gamer.

“The closure of PC Zone is the end of an era,” said journalist Charlie Brooker, who made his debut writing for the magazine. “When I was writing for it, in the mid-90s, people were buying the mag on the basis of the CD, and you can get it all on the net now.

"Also, with the growth of consoles, its being assailed on two fronts, because every game I now want to play is on a console. So they were supporting a dying game format on a dying media format. It’s a shame, but somewhat inevitable.”

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