As it is revealed the firm knew of reception issues during development

Apple calls iPhone antenna-gate conference

Apple has called a news conference at its headquarters today to address the much publicised antenna issue blighting the iPhone 4.

Ahead of the broadcast, which will happen at 6.00pm GMT, the Wall Street Journal has obtained evidence that Apple knew of the antenna issue during the development of the device – as far back as a year ago.

The problem (the phone’s signal is often dropped completely if it is held in a certain way) has gained the attention of the US Government, with senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, reportedly writing to Steve Jobs urging Apple to come up with a "permanent fix" to the problem at no cost to customers.

Apple’s official explanation so far is that a calculation fault means some phones have been displaying more reception bars than they should.

The firm has been keen to stress the idea that this sort of antenna problem is common on all mobile phones – as is evident in its leaked complaint procedures.

PCR will bring you the full news of today’s announcement as its breaks.

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