UK businesses spend ?2 billion on repair and data recovery

Damaged laptops cost billions

Damaged laptops cost UK companies £2.073 billion every year not including the effect on business continuity, according to data from IDC and Panasonic.

The research has found that over 14 per cent of the 9.3 million laptops sold to UK businesses between 2007 and 2009 will suffer damage this year, with an average repair bill of £1576.

“With a 14.2% chance of physical breakage per year, and a £1,576 repair and data replacement bill, IT Directors should realize that every laptop is carrying a potential hidden cost of £224 per year,” said Panasonic’s Toughbook EMEA marketing director, Stephen Yeo.

“This means that over a 3 year life, a laptop has a hidden cost from breakage of £672 and this could be considerably higher for workers in areas like field service or sales.”

The survey found that 72 per cent of respondents reported damaged keyboards, while 66 per cent cited damaged displays. Damaged batteries, hard disks and other internal components were reported by over half of the respondents.

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