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VIDEO: PM holds web chat with Facebook CEO

Cameron to Zuckerberg: ‘Look me up next time you’re in town’

Prime Minister David Cameron has held a video conference with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to discuss how the UK Government is using the social networking site.

The mutual love-in (which you can watch below) focuses on the Coalition’s use of Facebook to canvass the public about potential financial austerity measures.

Zuckerberg can be heard turning down the volume of Cameron’s voice before telling him: “It’s a really interesting thing that you guys are doing, trying to open up policy making and engage the public in this way to try and create more social change.

“We’re just happy to support you guys in any way that we can,” he adds.

“Thank you for bringing Facebook alongside with this… with your help we’re basically getting this public engagement for free,” Cameron laughs, before telling Zuckerberg to look him up next time he’s in town.

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