PowerColor says cards too heavy for PC cases unaided

PowerJack takes the weight off graphics cards

AMD graphics card manufacturer PowerColor announced a device to support the increasingly hefty weight of high-end graphics cards. 

TUL, the company behind the PowerColor brand, said that high-end graphics becoming heavier as well as more powerful poses a problem that gamers may not know they had. "A couple screws and the motherboard may not be enough to hold the heavier cards in place anymore," claimed the company.

Enter the PowerColor PowerJack which is designed to supports the weight of the card from the back where it’s most needed. A multistage extension function can extend its height from 61.25 mm up to 150 mm and it’s applicable to E-ATX / ATX / M-ATX motherboards and can be used in full tower, mid tower & mini tower chassis.

The company said the PowerJack would be available on the 15th of this month and uploaded a handy YouTube video to show how it works. 

“High performance cards are not going to get any smaller, so we saw a need to bring this to market, where we know it will be fully utilized,” said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL.

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