Sources claim the 'feature phone' sold just ten a day before being axed

Did Microsoft sell just 503 Kin phones?

Microsoft may have sold just 503 units of its Kin smartphone in the six weeks it was available before being discontinued.

The software giant pulled the plug on the Kin on 30 June, just weeks after it was launched in the US, and a European roll-out was cancelled.

Influential tech blogger John Gruber has claimed a “well-placed little birdie” told him that Microsoft “sold a grand total of 503 Kins before they pulled the plug. 503.”

A Microsoft source told the New York Times that poor sales were due to the phone’s network operator, Verizon, not promoting it enough.

The firm has not commented on the supposed sales figures.

The Kin ‘feature phone’ was criticised by users for lacking a number of basic smartphone functions such as a calendar, instant messaging and a memory expansion option.

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