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Nvidia retakes the crown of fastest mobile graphics

Clevo launches first Nvidia Fermi equipped laptop

Taiwanese laptop manufacturer Clevo has launched a gaming laptop offering Nvidia GTX 480M graphics.

The Clevo W880CU is a 17.3-inch laptop based on the Intel Calpella platform and is the first to offer the fastest high-end mobile graphics part Nvidia produces, the "Fermi" GTX 480M. That means it’s also the first laptop to feature DirectX 11-capable graphics from Nvidia.

Clevo gaming laptops have been re-branded in the past by major gaming brands such as Alienware. The W880CU is a typical no-holds barred device with space for two drives and seemingly in a nod to the fact it’s unlikely to stray too far from a power point, ports are placed on the rear of the unit rather than the side, covered by a flip up cover. 

Technical web site Anandtech benchmarked the W880CU and found it provided the fastest gaming performance yet seen. American reseller Avanet offers the W880CU at a starting price of $2,315 but the 4GB unit with a quad core 1.73GHz Core i7-820QM as tested by Anandtech runs to just under $3,000. Ouch.

Clevo’s website for the W880CU is here but beware the Chinglish. 

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