Cooling system provider crams high-end power into compact chassis

Asetek demos liquid cooled all-in-one concept

Provider of cooling-solutions Asetek has unveiled a prototype of an all-in-one PC based on liquid cooling technology.

The AIO is fronted by a 24-inch LED backlit display which also houses the entire PC body. Systems like this have been seen before but the AIO manages to cram in an Intel Core i7-920 desktop processor and NVIDIA GTX280M graphics card. 

The system uses a liquid cooling solution designed by Asetek but the firm has no plans to produce the system itself but rather is using it as a proof of concept for other manufacturers. The company also uploaded a YouTube video of the system.

It’s an interesting demonstration of cooling technology and with the continuing market in high-powered laptops, many of which rarely stray too far from the power socket, we can’t help but wonder if a device like this with a real keyboard and a good size screen isn’t a better approach.

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