Royal takes a tour of RIM Blackberry plant and dons a pair of bejewelled 3D glasses

Queen Elizabeth shows off tech savvy

HRH Queen Elizabeth II has revealed her royal self as something of a technology buff this week, after touring the RIM Blackberry plant and popping on a pair of 3D glasses – adorned with jewels, of course.

The sovereign spent the last day of an official visit to Canada at the RIM Blackberry plant in Waterloo, where she was given a personalised phone, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

The whole Royal Family are said to be technophiles. David Yach, RIM’s chief technology officer of software, is quoted as saying: "Prince Andrew is… the techno person in the Royal Family (but) they are all, as I hear, addicted to BlackBerrys."

Earlier in the trip, the sovereign toured Pinewood Studios in Toronto, and was given a special glimpse at the latest 3D technology. According to the Press Association, her 3D specs were suitably blinged-up with Swarovski crystals, forming the letter Q.

Whether Her Royal Highness regards herself as a Mac or a PC remains a subject of speculation.

Image courtesy of the Press Association.

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