Labour spent ?tens of thousands? on app development

Government iPhone spend criticised

The previous Government is facing criticism over its projects to develop iPhone applications, including a Foreign Office travel advice app and a jobseekers tool.

According to the BBC, a Freedom of Information request revealed that a number of projects undertaken with costs ranging from £10,000 to £40,000, the most expensive being an unfinished DVLA app guiding people on how to change a wheel on their car.

“It seems many Government bodies have given in to the temptation to spend money on fashionable gimmicks at a time when they are meant to be cutting back on self-indulgent wastes of money,” said the campaign director of the Tax Payers Alliance, Mark Wallace.

“It is ridiculous not only that they are commissioning these apps but that some of them are supposedly secret on grounds of national security. Someone who is faced with losing their home because of high tax bills, or whose life is being ruined by crime isn’t going to get any reassurance from knowing there’s an app for that.”

The news comes after the Coalition Government stated intentions to review the 820 websites currently on the books, which have cost £94 million in development and running costs and a further £32 million in staff.

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