Campaign urges consumers to research in order to minimise their environmental impact

BCS launches Savvy Citizens website

The BCS said that the British public is still failing to harness online information to make sure that their purchases habits as green as they could be. 

Accordingly the charted institute of IT launched the new website to help consumers find this information online. As part of the campaign the BCS also unveiled a ‘Savvy Citizens quiz’ on Facebookto test how environmentally savvy you are. 

Research commissioned by the BCS said only 31% of Britons have looked up products online and got information on how environmentally friendly they are, and just 27% have used the internet to get advice on how they could be greener. Perhaps unsurprisingly only 16% had tried to calculate their carbon footprint online.

“Most people are not accessing the resources available to them to make greener decisions about what they buy and how they live, and this must be addressed. While it’s encouraging that 85% of Britons claim to recycle their household waste and 94% have used energy saving light bulbs, there is much more that we all could do”, said Elizabeth Sparrow, President of the BCS.

“Saving energy often means saving money as well as precious resources. The internet has a wealth of environmental information and people need to be aware of what’s out there and how to access, use and manage it to help them lead greener, more energy efficient lives. The Savvy Citizens site should be one of their first ports of call," added Sparrow.

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