HAVE YOUR SAY: As police arrest two hackers over the theft of ?8m, we ask if the UK is wise to online scams

Web hackers hit the tabloids

This morning The Sun reports that two UK youths have been arrested after hacking 65,000 bank accounts – resulting in the theft of £8 million.

According to police who uncovered the huge web crime forum, the arrested schoolboys offered advice on how their criminal customers could better utilise the card details to buy goods, transfer money, and otherwise get around security systems to channel funds.

Malware attacks were used to gain access to the bank accounts, and have reportidly made the pair huge sums of money.

In the wake of this, do you think the general public is aware of the full extend of online threats?

Would a better understand of malware and its behaviours curb this kind of large-scale scam?

Should the IT industry be playing more of a role in that education?

We want to hear from you in the comments section below.

Image courtesy of The Sun.

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