Music streaming service gains much needed background playback

Spotify updated for iOS 4

British music streaming service Spotify has launched an updated mobile application taking advantage of multitasking on Apple iOS 4.

Due to the lack of multitasking in the previous operating systems, it wasn’t possible to move away from the Spotify app and have the music keep playing which is rather impractical to say the least so the new update gives Spotify a huge boost on Apple devices.

Music streaming services continue to be patchy in geographic coverage as record companies impose different licensing regimes in different territories. For that reason Spotify isn’t available outside of Western Europe just as Pandora isn’t available outside of the US.

Spotify is unusual among such services in that it carries a vast catalogue of music and users are able to specify exactly what they want to listen to. Recently the social aspects have been given a boost with more features to see what friends are playing and sharing track listings on Facebook.

A Spotify Premium account is necessary to use the iPhone/iPod application and that runs for £9.99 in the UK. Many consider that excellent value since you’ll likely not need to buy a CD again.

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