New browser boosts HTML5 support and claims 50% faster JavaScript

Opera 10.6 web browser released

New version of alternative web browser promises speed improvements, search suggestions, geolocation and enhanced advanced web standards support. 

The Opera web browser continues to be much loved by a devoted following and yet has struggled to break past 2% Internet browser market share. This seems a shame in light of the powerful feature set of the browser which often pioneers a number of advanced features such as mouse gestures and the Opera Turbo system which compresses web pages before sending to the client.

Opera continues to claim that the browser is the fastest browser available, doubtless speed comparisons will appear before too long but either way you dice it, Opera is certainly no slouch. 

Frequently being on the leading edge of adopting web standards, it’s little wonder Opera is making much hay of the better HTML5 support and the WebM Video support. Geolocation support builds on a recent trend to see more and more web sites become location aware, primarily this feature was driven out of browsers in mobile phones.

It’s also worth pointing out that Opera does a good job of syncing settings between a desktop and mobile versions of the browser available on some types of smartphones.

The web browser market is looking healthier than ever now, with Safari, Chrome and Firefox providing strong competition. Given Opera 10.6 is a small and free download, there’s little reason not to give it a spin.

Opera 10.6 is now available for download for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows from the Opera web site.

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