Analyst calls Apple CEO "in serious denial" over latest customer exchange

Jobs angers users with dismissive iPhone emails

An email thread between an unhappy iPhone 4 customer and Apple CEO Steve Jobs has drawn a storm of criticism from customers and industry commentators alike.

A little over a week after the launch of the the latest version of Apple’s iconic iPhone and just when it looked like the furore around the hardware issues such as the antenna were finally beginning to subside, a fresh email exchange revealed on the Boy Genius Report served to reignite Apple’s PR woes.

The iPhone 4 owner had posted a video to YouTube demonstrating to antenna reception problem. The user claims Apple contacted him and described the issue as "rumour hysteria" according to Boy Genius Report. In the subsequent exchange where the customer became increasingly agitated at Apple’s seeming refusal to acknowledge the issue, Apple CEO Steve Jobs pitched in himself.

The Apple CEO is well known for occasionally speaking directly to the tech giant’s customers, recently igniting criticism and ridicule with the "Just avoid holding it that way" comment. This time Jobs appeared to try talk the user down saying "Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it."

The comments have not been received well by Apple customers or industry commentators such as Business Insider’s Jay Yarow who said "Steve Jobs appears to be in a serious state of denial over the iPhone 4 antenna issue."

These latest events cap off a tumultuous launch for the Apple iPhone 4. For a recap of the events as they unfolded across the web in the last week, check out PCR’s iPhone 4 launch special report for more.

UPDATE: Apple’s PR has since denied that Steve Jobs is the source of these emails. Click here for the full story.

Image source: Boy Genius Report.

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