Vendor says emails sent by company CEO are faked

Apple denies Steve Jobs email authenticity

Apple’s PR has emphatically denied the authenticity of an email exchange that apparently show Steve Jobs telling a customer called ‘Tom’ to “retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.”

According to Fortune Tech, which reports that Apple PR has denied that Steve Jobs is the author, the exchange was actually a writer pretending to be Apple’s chief executive. However, the original source of the story, Boy Genius Report, is now say that the fateful ‘It’s just a phone’ line was written by ‘Tom’, not Steve Jobs.

In addition to this, Apple Insider is reporting that, prior to the publication of the emails, it was contacted by a Virginia-based ads agency called Burford Advertising who offered to sell the same exchange for an undisclosed price.

Although it has not disclosed whether or not it paid for the story, Boy Genius Report has stated that its believes the exchange to be “100% legitimate” and has posted full screenshots of the exchange complete with headers.

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