3D television will be as big as 2D, vendor says

Sony unveils its 3D TV vision for the future

Sony has launched a major push into the 3D market, unveiling a slew of products featuring the technology it believes will soon become mass market.

At a recent London preview of the new range, the message from Sony execs was “making 3D is easy, making good 3D is hard.” Among the new hardware to be unveiled were three Bravia 3D TVs, one of which hit shelves in time for the start of the World Cup on June 11th, with the other two due out this month.

Also on show was a new line of Bluray players – of which all but one are 3D capable.

Christian Brown, Sony’s senior category marketing manager for home entertainment, told PCR that the vendor will be making a “multi-million pound investment” in marketing 3D to home users. As well as TVs, a large part of the market is 3D PC monitors.

“3D technology is a huge priority for us, which is why Sony is spending the money to tell consumers all about it,” he said.

“We are trying to get the message out that 3D is something you have to experience first hand to enjoy and have an opinion on.”

This marketing drive has so far been spearheaded by Sony’s involvement in filming World Cup matches in 3D, which have been broadcast to pubs around the country and will later be available as a Blu-ray release.

When asked whether Sony sees the new format becoming as big as 2D, Brown said: “Yes, Sony believes it will hit mass market straight away and does not view 3D as a niche product. Consumers will want this technology in their homes in order to upgrade their home entertainment experience.”

Despite this assertion, the company believes there is still a place for traditional television and will continue to make products that aren’t 3D capable. As for wearing special glasses, this could change but, Brown suggested, not for a while.

“Viewing 3D technology without the use of glasses is currently in very early stages of development but it is definitely on the horizon,” he said.

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