Mobo manufacturer takes advantage of new unlocked Intel processors

MSI introduces Super Unlock on P55-series mainboards

MSI has launched updated automatic overclocking technology on the company’s P55 range of motherboards.

Unveiling the latest firm’s latest P55A Mainboard Series to complement Intel’s latest Core Processor (Socket 1156) which boasts an “Unlocked” overclocking capability, the new mainboard series gives users boosted overclocking performance with MSI’s “Super Unlock” functionality.

The company says processors with a 3GHz default setting can automatically be run at speeds up to 4GHz. "No more will gamers worry about spending extra money to enjoy a more powerful gaming experience!", MSI squealed enthusiastically on its website.

“Super Unlock” is a development of MSI’s “OC Genie 1 Second Automatic Overclocking Technology”. When coupled with Intel’s Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K, users need only to press the “OC Genie” button on their MSI mainboards to “unlock” the CPU’s multiplier and to maximize processor, memory and chipset performance, the company said. 

Earlier P55 motherboards are able to upgrade to the latest version of BIOS to gain the OC Genie enhancement. Assuming, that is, that they have one of the spangly new Intel CPUs that offers the unlocked capability. The updates are good news for punters looking to upgrade their CPU.

A list of compatible motherboards is here.

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