Vendor highlights the potential of smart TV

Intel breaks new ground with smart TV

Intel was in London yesterday raising awareness of the emerging smart TV market and emphasising the strong consumer experience that such devices bring.

Ostensibly, the event was to launch a book called Screen Future: The Future of Entertainment, Computing and the Devices We Love, by Intel’s consumer experience architect, Brian David Johnson (pictured) however it also represented the fruition of almost ten years of work by Intel and its partners.

Central to the project is the ‘consumer experience’ and although Intel is not directly responsible for this, its consumer experience architect has given a lot of thought on how to make TV better, smarter and more personal.

“This is about the screen and it’s about the ubiquity of the internet,” stated Johnson. “In some of the studies covered in the book, we found that – particularly among younger users – there was a fluid migration between the two, so we’ve developed a platform that enables and delivers this kind of user experience. We’re here to make sure that we deliver a compelling experience for the consumer, otherwise it just won’t work.”

“Intel has really been working on this since 2001 and we’re now on our second generation of hardware with the Atom CE4100,” Intel’s European business development manager for consumer electronics, David McKeown told PCR. “We can now integrate the best of television with the best of the internet, and deliver high definition images and audio as well.

“We’re very aggressively pushing this forward. This could be a very big growth area over the next five years, and with Google TV and Project Canvas getting under way the category is poised to take off. Although I can’t name any specifics, we could be looking at a European launch next year, and I see the UK, France and Italy as key European growth areas.”

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