Vision roll out marks beginning of new direction

AMD ends arms race with Intel

Chip maker AMD is looking to end the culture of commoditised oneupmanship that has defined its relationship with the industry, thanks to the rollout of its Vision concept in the UK.

Vision is designed to clearly label the capabilities of PCs through a tier system, putting lengthy specifications into the background. The firm says this is vital to the modern consumer technology industry, where the criteria for consumer choices are changing.

“The first race in the industry was about the frequency,” said Sasa Marinkovic, head of EMEA product and field marketing at AMD. “If you remember ten years ago it was Intel and AMD fighting over who was going to get to 1GHz first. We got to that point first, and then it was who has the most cores.

“But I think everyone is realising now the limitations of those approaches. If you look at what consumers care about today, it’s different to what they cared about 20 years ago. How we marketed in the past was to talk about the technology and the performance, but if you look at how consumers are buying today, its more about experience and design.”

Vision puts PCs into either Vision (basic), Premium, Ultimate, or Black categories, and AMD will be ramping up work with OEMs and retailers to the tiered system.

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