Vendors advocate the use of different types of storage

SSD and spindle drives could co-exist

A number of memory vendors have stated that they see a future in which traditional spindle drives operate alongside solid state drives, resulting in an overall performance boost.

“Kingston Technology’s view is that SSD and HDD can and, in many cases, should co-exist in desktop PCs,” says Kingston Technology’s European marketing manager Steve Hall.

“Take a standard desktop for instance; it makes a lot of sense to store the OS and application executables on a super fast SSD, while everyday data files are stored on a traditional HDD. With this set up, users will see a significant speed increase for system start up, application responsiveness and stand-by recovery.”

Edwards concurs with this view of co-existence dependent on usage: “I think both formats will be able to live side-by-side, and I think it’ll come down to how they’re used, to be honest. Things like tablets, netbooks and notebooks may come to use NAND Flash memory – that is what we’re predicting – but there will still be demand for hard drives, purely because of the capacity they offer.”

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