The Samsung N230 has the potential for remarkable battery life

Samsung introduces 13-hour netbook

Samsung has launched the latest in the Korean manufacturer’s N-series of netbooks, the N230. 

Sporting a 10.1-inch screen, the N230 offers options of either an Intel Atom 1.66GHz N450 or the nippier 1.83GHz N470. The entry level configuration has a 160GB hard drive with the pricier model being upgraded to 250GB. 

The headline feature, however, must surely be the 13.8 hours of claimed battery life. This requires a larger 66Wh battery as opposed to the standard 32Wh unit which provides ‘only’ 7 hours of battery life. The model with the larger battery is slightly thicker at the base and weighs an extra 150gr but given the base model weighs just 1.03Kg with the battery, this is hardly a show stopper.

The design is an impressive evolution of Samsung’s swish efforts of late, suitably stealthy matte black and textured with a chiclet style keyboard. 

Overall an attractive and decently specced netbook but we can’t help but be a shade disappointed with the 1024×600 resolution screen. Anyone that’s browsed the web on one of these has probably grown a little weary of the constant scrolling.

The Samsung N230 is available now with the entry spec priced around £350.

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