Growing core counts indicate that cooling could be a growth area

More users look to cooling

As consumers demand greater performance from their machines, so cooling could become a greater issue for users, according to a number of industry experts.

Talking to PCR, Akasa’s marketing director Adrian Young noted that high performance devices are in demand by a much wider segment of users than previously, where gamers were the key demographic.

“Gaming is only one of the markets that prefers quality cases and cooling,” he said. “They appeal to CAD, graphic design, video editing, music, medical and many other segments where high performance is essential.”

This is a point echoes by VIP product manager Matthew Parrish: “Whilst the gaming segment will invariably continue to lead the way in terms of innovation, all users, irrelevant of their skill level, will benefit from improved heat management.

“The classic example here is that of the laptop user who demands good performance from components crammed in to an incredibly tiny, poorly ventilated space but isn’t aware that by using a simple laptop cooler thay can noticably increase the performance on their device.”

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