Confidential Microsoft slides circulate on the web

Windows 8 features leaked

An Italian website has released a set of slides which appear to discuss Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

The powerpoint slides certainly look authentic although there is no guarantee that they are in fact internal Microsoft documents. The slides talk up the adoption of new features such as USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 support as well as faster boot times and built-in facial recognition features.

The slides appear as a strategic overview, or a wish-list, of upcoming Windows 7 features but there are some surprises such as support for wireless displays, 3D displays and a good deal of attention to mobile computing devices which appears to indicate the company recognises that this will be a key battleground for the next generation of Windows.

Also telling, assuming the documents are genuine, is that Microsoft appears to intend a Microsoft Store similar to the built-in software stores in mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and MeeGo. There’s also mention of an operating system that will be able to repair or even reinstall itself including backing up of settings into the cloud.

The documents are, however, titled Windows 8 discussion so it is by no means clear if any of these features are actually destined for the new operating system which is expected to be at least two years away.

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