Piracy advocate group disbands following death of co-founder

Piracy Bureau is no more

Piratbyran, the Swedish company which founded the Pirate Bay has been disbanded, with one founder saying “we don’t feel like we’re needed any more.”

The name Piratbyran translates into English as “piracy bureau” this name was very fitting as according to the BBC, the Swedish company was founded in response to the Swedish Antipiratbyran body, which works against sharing copyright materials online.

A founder of Piratbyran, Mr de Kaminski feels that Piratbyran “normalised” using file-sharing networks. Yet, Per Stromback the Editor of discussion forum Netopia and a spokesperson for the Swedish games industry claims that “most illegal file-sharers feel they really should be paying”.

The creation of Piratbyran’s website Pirate Bay allowed users to easily share and download legal and illegal films, music and software using technology called Bittorrent.

Mr de Kaminski suspects that Pirate Bay will continue operating as Piratbyran “has not been involved with Pirate Bay for five years or more,” and there will continue to be offenders as last year four men were fined and given a years sentence for their activities.

Another reason for Piratbyran’s closeur was due to the death of one of its co-founders, Ibi Kopimi Botani. Mr de Kaminski stated “when one of our members is no longer alive, it is hard to keep the group alive”.

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