TCA president advises independents on how to compete with the US retail giant

Best Buy’s service ‘is a greater concern to indies’ than sales

Best Buy’s reputation for service and support is more of a threat to independent retailers than its product range, a trade body has said.

In a blog for PCR, TCA president Keith Warburton wrote: “It is my view that as far as sales are concerned the ‘big box’ retailers are simply not interested in the independents – they just don’t appear on their radar… Of greater concern to the independent reseller is the Geek Squad, Best Buy’s brilliantly named and cleverly marketed support service.

“The company promotes its technical services quite heavily and there is no doubt that this has paid off for them well in the past”

Warburton’s advice to indies includes: “educate users as to how they can achieve more with less”, and getting involved in video conferencing.

To read the blog in full, click here.

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