Historic WWII site shows impressive collection of digital relics

Bletchley Park hosts first vintage computer festival

The National Museum of Computing hosted the first Vintage Computer Festival over the weekend.

As you’d expect at Bletchley Park, visitors could catch sight of World War II code breaking hardware but the exhibition included a vast array of aged computers from the valve era, to transistors, early 8-bit and beyond.

One curious exhibit featured a ZX Spectrum running Twitter allowing visitors to tweet from the show using the ancient 8-bit icon in a very modern context.

Wired UK has an extensive photo slideshow from the event. The National Museum of Computing said that they hope the hope the exhibition will result in greater awareness for the rich history of technology in the UK.

In addition to the static displayed hardware, the festival also played host to a series of retro gaming challenges and vintage computer music performances from ‘chip tune’ musician Pixelh8 and synth-pop legends OMD.

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